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February 2017

Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow! When we hear this jingle we think of the blistering cold and the beautiful powdery white rain drops.  Those of us though that are constantly suffering from wintery dry scalp think of another snow; the embarrassingly flaky ones that land on our shoulders and make us second guess wearing black.  Then there are the folks like me that have a bit of eczema or for some, psoriasis to add to it.  So what’s the solution?  Which remedy do we try? Chemical, natural, super natural (like homemade concoctions from trendy magazines)? How do we know what works? Does it matter why it works or what’s in it?  For me, yes it does. These types of issues are usually long term or at best seasonal and I want to know that whatever I use is in it for the long haul with me and won’t cause me to turn green, smell like medicine, or lose my hair in the future.  

However to be able to address the problem we need to know a few basics as to why this happens.  I’m going to keep it general for fear of boring you or getting too technical.  We all learned in school that our skin is the largest organ of our body with the sole purpose of protecting what is underneath.  One way that it does that is by making us water proof which happens when our skin is hydrated.  First and foremost everything that happens on the outside of the body is a result of the inside of the body, secondary to that is our environment, and finally our lifestyle choices.  If we aren’t drinking enough water, eating properly and supplementing vitamins when necessary our skin and our hair are typically quick to show it.  How many times did you hear as a teenager, “Don’t eat junk food or you’ll break out!”?  There is absolutely a truth to that.  If we don’t nourish our insides our outsides won’t be nourished either. Environment is similar but it tackles us from the outside.  In the winter its cold! So we turn on the heat, which then sucks all the moisture right out of our skin.  Blistering winds alongside ice cold temperatures just add to the mix drying any moisture right off our lips and face.  Finally we have our lifestyle which includes hot steaming showers, medications, abrasive detergent filled soaps and shampoos.  All giving us one dehydrated, non protective, itchy, red and flaky organ. Talk about uncomfortable and for most of us just plain gross feeling.

So let’s talk about remedies.  I know so far I have kept this a generalization on skin dryness, referring mostly to the body as a whole.  Usually though when we have dry skin we know to moisturize it.  We buy lotions, cocoa butter, oils like coconut, safflower, almond and argan. When it comes to our scalp though we don’t have such a simple solution.  I mean we can’t really plop lotion on our head and walk out the door.  That means we have to target one of our lifestyle choices in how we manage the care of our hair and the scalp as well as the surrounding skin on the hairline and neck.  When it comes to this for years the solution has generally been a medicated shampoo.  Usually the main ingredients in these shampoos are coal tar, selenium sulfide, zinc pyrithione just to name a few.  What most people don’t know is that these ingredients have been linked to cancer and as opposed to actually healing the skin or fixing the issue they inhibit skin regeneration and natural yeast growth, both of which are needed for a healthy scalp.  On top of that once you stop using the product your dandruff comes back in full force if not worse.  I don’t know about you but that doesn’t sound like a solution to me.  

Sensus realized this problem and created a true solution for people with scalp care issues of all kinds.  The universal ingredient in the whole of the Scalp Care Line from Sensus is the birch tree.  Grown all over Italy like every single ingredient Sensus uses the birch tree is a force to be reckoned with.  One of the oldest and most ancient of natural medicines the birch tree is a natural detoxifier, astringent, it is rich in potassium. Due to these properties it can be used to cleanse the body, balance the pH of the skin, decrease inflammation as well as cause pain relief(it is what aspirin is made of), as well as many other issues.  The Scalp Care Line from Sensus is designed to rebalance and strengthen the scalp while addressing each of the issues.  In the beginning the line will be used in the salon so a proper diagnosis of all the issues can be determined.  Often times there is a combination of issues and the magnifying digital camera from Sensus allows the stylist to take a detailed picture of the hair follicle and scalp so he or she knows exactly where to begin.  Each service is started with either a soothing mud mask or a gentle exfoliant so as to prep the skin of the scalp properly and remove any impurities.  The proper cleansing treatment is then used choosing from Dry/Dandruff, Sensitive, Oily, or Rejuvenating for hair loss. A few of the systems will have an in between step, but all of them end with a specialized mousse.  The mousse seals the improved condition of the scalp and protects it from further damage from the environment.  The most wonderful thing about Sensus though is that each treatment is designed to be able to use less and less treatments as time goes on, allowing for eventually a 3, 6, or 12 month maintenance treatment depending on the severity of the scalp issue.  This means you are not a slave to your shampoo!!! While the Scalp Care Line is completely unscented there is no more reason to have those smelly medicine like shampoos ever again.  No competing with the hair products that you chose just because they smell good! 

That’s it! A simple, effective, chemical free way to keep your scalp and hair healthy and free from embarrassing flakes, redness, itchiness, oil and thinning.  All products are available through your Sensus sales rep or distributor as well as our online store.  Sensus.Us also provides continuing education for all Sensus products. 

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